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About Aloha Tower Marketplace

Aloha Tower Marketplace is situated at the Honolulu Harbor as a waterfront shopping facility. It includes national landmarks such as the Hawaii Maritime Center, Falls of Clyde and Aloha Tower. It was completed in 1994 as part of the commercial resurgence in Honolulu Harbor. The Aloha Tower Marketplace features numerous restaurants, stores and convention facilities. It also offers a great nightlife with live local performances.

1 Aloha Tower Dr, Honolulu, HI, 96813
Everyday : 10:30 am - 6 pm


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Carolyn Crandall
Awfully Pretty & International Ships
Able to go all the way up to the top of the Aloha Tower via a elevator. It is very beautiful surroundings. There is fireworks on the fourth of July but also SUPER military security with gunboat that will challenge you if sitting on the bridge during the fireworks. Ships from all over the world come here. Ship listings of arrivals and departures are listed in the local newspaper everyday. Ships that you would not see anywhere such as the training ships from other countries navy that you can tour for free. Or the little "cork" bobbing of total wood from 300 years ago that is so small that it is amazing that they sailed around the world on that little thing. Aloha tower is right next to everything. When the big cruise ships are there , there are guards. Don't try to go past the fences.


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