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About Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs is the Chicago, Illinois’ baseball team for the Central Division of MLB’s National League. This baseball team is known as “The Lovable Loosers” because of the drought of not winning the World series in 104 years. They are also known as “The North Siders” because their ballpark, the Wrigley Field, is located at the north side of Lake View Community of Chicago.

1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL, 60657


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Frank Papageorgio
Wrigley Field is a must see!
Even if you are not a big baseball fan, Wrigley Field is worth visiting one to see the Cubs play. Having been to bigger stadiums like US Cellular and Comerica Park, Wrigley just feels a bit smaller. Even in some cheaper seats, I feel like I'm closer to the field. It's fun the first time just walking around the stadium and seeing the different views and the old fashion score board. Just be sure to not get a seat behind a big post. Have to give it a 4 out of 5 though because it is the Cubs, so yeah... if you are not a Chicago native go see them when your former home team is visiting!
Matt Daniel
I love Wrigley Field! The whole atmosphere is simply a blast. If anyone lives close to Chicago I highly recommend watching a game. It will be memorable.
Jason 'Asinine' Syphers
Wrigley Field is by far a must visit for any baseball fan. Even if you're not a Chicago Cubs fan you should visit Wrigley. The history is enough of a draw for anyone to want to visit.
Jimmy Russells Lussier
Baseball Awesome
Spent a great day with my son watching baseball and bonding, was an awesome adventure for the both of us
Joseph Jai-Sung Yoo
Truly historical monument!
It was my honor to see Cubs game at the Wrigley field twice! I could enjoy the game and every facility was so nice. I thought I was in the 1960s. When I got there, Cubs all won! Actually, I am a big fan of Stalin Castro and I believe that he would lead Cubs to be the strongest team in the MLB. Go, Cubs, Go!!



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