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About Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was built and completed in 1931 and became the tallest building in the world for 40 years until the North Tower was completed in 1972. It is denoted as the great American Cultural Icon. It also belongs to the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Its architecture design is Art Deco Style. It was in 1986 that it became a National Historic Landmark.

350 Fifth Ave, Concourse Suite 100, New York, NY, 10118
Everyday : 3 pm - 9 am


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Empire State Building Reviews

Ramy Nagah Eskander
The best way to enjoy the magic of Manhattan
The Empire State Building is the best place ever from which you can enjoy the magic of Manhattan in New York City. The building provides a 360 degree view from which you can view Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens in New York and Hoboken in New Jersey. From the top, you can see hundreds of skyscrapers in Manhattan, in addition to the Central Park, the biggest park in New York, in addition to many other attractions. The Empire State Building receives thousands of tourists every day for a total of about three million tourists per year. The main observation deck is open every day, including weekends and holidays. However, because of this large number of visitors, you should come early enough before toy start the tour. Before starting the observation, you can get booklets and recorded materials that describe the view from the top. These materials are available in many languages, and are very helpful.
Nathan Elkind
A Classic Trip
Going to the top of the empire state building was akin to meeting a celebrity for the first time. More of an experience than a building I'd say!
Sujal Shah
Fabulous views - what more is there to say!
We had great weather and could see for miles! We bought the souvenir brochure but not sure it was worth it in retrospect. Such an iconic and fabulous building, be sure to take in all the details and the historical panels to understand the heritage of the building too. I have been to the view from the Rockefeller centre too and difficult to say which is best because of the different perspectives over the city but would probably choose the Empire State Building if you only have time for one of them.

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