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About Epcot Theme Park

Also known as the Epcot Center. This theme park opened in 1982 at the Walt Disney World Florida. It has a wide space of 300 acres. Epcot Theme Park is the venue for the celebration of international culture and technological advancement. This theme park is one of the most visited theme park in the whole USA.

1320 Avenue of the Stars, Bay Lake, FL, 32836
Everyday : 4 pm - 4 am


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Paul Lucas
Epcot Center
Loved it! There was a lot to do, kept the kids occupied (they thought they were going to be bored but definitely weren't) and some of it was even educational. The Living Seas and the International Pavilions were the best. The Pavilions especially had some great food and souvenirs avaialble.
Amanda Martinez
My experience at Epcot
This theme park is located within the Disney World Park areas. I experience the Epcot center when I was young with my family. We had a blast and I absolutely loved the roller coaster inside the Epcot center. It is really dark on the inside so that is what made it the most interesting and entertaining.
Jean Kube
Fun Place
I went to Epcot in July of 1997. I would recommend not going in July. Very hot and humid and crowded. Other than that the place was awesome. It didn't really have any scary rides or anything, it was more of a learning environment. The computer simulations were excellent. You would seated and the seats would move from one stage to another while you were listening to an explanation of something science related or history related. Epcot indeed had a wonderful ethnic village, where one could taste foods from all different countries. One could also watch ethnic dancing while eating. It was amazing. Even after all these years my husband remembered how good the stout beer was.
Debbie Stott Mack
The Best Park In Walt Disney World
This park is so exciting because they have some great rides like Sorin and Test Track. But my very favorite thing is to tourthe countries. Where else can you take a trip around the world in one day. You get to see the different customs, eat different foods, and learn about that contry.
Leslie Harris
Never been here but is on my list of places to visit, read all about the fun things to do here and moving it to the top of the list.
Dorothy Hubbard
Worth the time
We really enjoyed Epcot. It was worth the time & money. I would visit again anytime.


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