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Golden Gate Bridge

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About Golden Gate Bridge

Perhaps the most iconic image of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World and is one of the most-photographed landmarks in the world. The bridge is the only road leading out of San Francisco to the north. The Golden Gate Bridge is also pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly, with walkways on either side on the traffic lanes. For information and traffic updates, follow the official Golden Gate Bridge on Twitter: @GGBridge and Facebook:

101 E Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Larkspur, CA, 94939


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Golden Gate Bridge Reviews

Shawn Bianchi
Very Nice View
Not a whole lot to do here, but the view is beautiful, and the bridge is impressive enough for anyone to want to see. I wouldn't make a trip out to San Francisco just to see the bridge, but if you're already there, it's a must-see.
Frank Manster
coolest bridge
This bridge is neat, but my cousin is a huge huge fan of the bridge. He is young and thinks it is the coolest. He might be onto something because it is iconic.
Kristin Foss
Do yourself a favor. Visit this bridge. There is nothing like it in the world, and that is why it is so iconic. It is a beautiful color, and just keep your fingers crossed that you visit on a sunny (not foggy) day!
Tyneisha Fondren
As Nice As The Pictures
We came to visit the bridge at night, and it was absolutely freezing!! But oh so fun. You truly feel a part of California when on the bridge, and during the day you can see the classic profile of the bridge featured in endless movies and tv shows.
Erica Chao
Its Golden
A beautiful site to see, even on a foggy day. We drove over by bus and stopped in between to check it out. A really nice view of everything around.

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