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James R. Thompson Center

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About James R. Thompson Center

The James R. Thompson Center brings great shopping experience in an elegantly designed building. It was built and completed in May 1985 and previously known as the State of Illinois Center. Itís a seven story building with its exterior all made of glass. Itís a postmodernism architecture designed by Murphy/Helmut Jahn. Thereís a gorgeous sculpture at the front entrance which is done by Jean Dubufett. The sculpture establishes the aesthetic mood of the grand collection of artworks of the James R. Thompson Center.

100 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, 60601
M-F : 1:30 pm - 1 am


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Bob Ramsey
Must See Attraction
This is a amazing place to be-the James Thompson Center.It is awe inspiring.Beautiful buildings.The lighting is something special.And the shopping is unlike any other.I never knew this existed.




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