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John Hancock Observatory

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About John Hancock Observatory

Itís located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center which was built in 1969 and has a height of 344m, making it the third tallest building in Chicago. The building itself is located in the hottest tourist spot in Chicago at the center of Michigan Avenue. The John Hancock Observatory offers a fascinating 360 degrees view of the downtown Chicago. It is a Sky-walk with an outdoor setting.

875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60611
Everyday : 10 am - 12 am


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John Hancock Observatory Reviews

Corey Yao
Really Fun
This is an awesome attraction. When you get to the top of the observatory, you can see the whole city. There are glass floors and when you stand on them, it feels like you are flying.
David Kauffman
The glass floor!
It's a little pricey to just go to an observation deck, but the glass floor is awesome! it's a box that is outside of the building that you can stand in and look down at the street below you. Incredibly freaky and memorable!
Caroline Geiger
Visit the Signature Lounge!
The Signature Lounge at the Hancock building is a great place to see a great view and have a drink. It is possibly cheaper because it's free to go upstairs, but you do have to have a drink or appetizer. It's a wonderful view at nighttime!



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