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About Prospect Park

The Prospect Park is a public park with 585 acre area situated in Brooklyn borough, New York City. It was Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux who architecturally designed it after completing the Central Park. Some of the great attractions on the park are the Celebrate Brooklyn Performing arts, Prospect Park Zoo, Audobon Center, Long Meadow, 60 acre lake and the only forest in Brooklyn.

95 Prospect Park West, New York, NY, 11215
Everyday : 5 pm - 11:30 pm


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Prospect Park Reviews

Shawniece Stephenson
The Perfect Place for Family Fun
Prospect Park offers visitors so many options for family fun. Whether someone wants to go bike riding, skating, running,fishing, boating or even sliding down the sliding board, it is all available at Prospect Park. Many families will find Prospect Park to be a great place to spend time together.
Leslie Julia Mahoney
Beautiful Park
I loved Prospect Park. I had been to Central Park many times. It was always so crowded and overrun with tourist. But not Prospect Park. It was so quiet and peaceful. People out walking their dogs. Others sitting on a park bench reading a book. There were paths you could run/walk on and plenty of open fields to play or lay down and have a picnic. It's such a gem.
Roxy Mirvis
This park is so sweet for family fun. It offers many options such as boat rides on the lake, ice skating; etc. It's perfect for a bike ride, walk, or run any day! I love this park!!!




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