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Sacramento Downtown Plaza

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About Sacramento Downtown Plaza

The Downtown Plaza was constructed by The Hahn Company in 1971 and was formerly known as the Westfield Downtown Plaza. It is situated in downtown Sacramento and owned by the JMA Ventures LLC. The Downtown Plaza is a 2 level outdoor shopping mall which is located near the State Capitol Building.

547 L St, Sacramento, CA, 95814
S : 12 pm - 7 pm;
M-Sa : 11 am - 9 pm


Sacramento Downtown Plaza Reviews

Vanessa Mercado
Feels Temporary but adequate
The popularity has gone down in recent years but the place is still a nice place to visit. You have a walkable distance to Old Sacramento, the lightrail, and other parts of downtown. At the mall there's always new shops every few months. Doesn't feel outstanding, but a good place to kill some time.




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