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The San Francisco Zoo houses nearly 700 animals, from the tiniest insect all the way up to some of the Earth’s largest mammals. Big cats, primates, amphibians, bears and even a bald eagle named after television personality Stephen Colbert all inhabit the zoo’s 100 acres. Educational programs and shows, along with special events, make the San Francisco Zoon one of the city’s premier family destinations. For updates, follow the zoo on Twitter: @sfzoo and Facebook:

Sloat Blvd. & the Great Highway, San Francisco, CA, 94132
Everyday : 5 pm - 11 pm


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San Francisco Zoo Reviews

Mahesh Nanda
awesome place
This zoo is must watch for everyone in the world!!ts not a place,its a miracle zoo.Recommended!!
Jordan Webb
Very good zoo.
This is probably my favorite zoo in Northern California. Very clean, nice layout, and a good variety of animals. We go at least once a year!
Shawn Bianchi
Very Nice Zoo
One of the best zoos I've been to. The hippos and rhinos were especially impressive, as well as their wide variety of giraffes. Gorillas seemed a little sad too, though.
Frank Manster
great zoo
I am a great fan of this zoo. It has a lot of interesting and neat looking animals and you are bound to remember it forever. Check it out!
Mark Chee
San Francisco Zoo
Extremely fun place to go! Really enjoyed the different animals there.


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