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About Sea World

The Sea World Orlando is a Zoological park for marine life and also a theme park. The Blackstone Group's subsidiary, the SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, owns and operates the Sea World Orlando. Millions of guests visit the theme park annually. Making it the 9th most visited theme parks in the USA. The Sea World Orlando haslots of marine life exhibits and shows for a great family entertainment.

7007 Sea World Drive, Orlando, FL, 32821


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Sea World Reviews

Stephanie Bardales
SeaWorld was amazing!!
I went to SeaWorld this part month and it has improved so much! I haven't been there since I was a child! They have the Manta rollercoaster which I rode on at least 10 times. The weather was pretty nice except for some spotty showers. Other than than, the park wasn't too crowded. I advise you go during the non-summer days to avoid long lines.
Ariana Morris
Great Aquatic zoo
Sea World is a bit short on rides but the marine life exhibits are great. I especially recommend checking out the Dolphin pools for a chance to see baby dolphins, and the restaurant where you dine in the midst of shark tanks was an unexpected treat. Great food in a theme park!
Jennifer Gibson
Sea World For Adults
I went to Sea World with my husband and we were amazed at the variety of attractions for adults. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and were impressed with the animal shows and awesome rides. It's not just for kids!

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