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South Street Seaport

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About South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport is delegated as a historic landmark. It has some noted historical architecture located in downtown Manhattan, with an abundance of commercial buildings of the 19th century. Located at the entrance of the Seaport is the Titanic Memorial Lighthouse. It has also a fascinating view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The South Street Seaport also offers a great nightlife, shopping, tourist malls and the former Fulton Fish Market.

19 Fulton St, New York, NY, 10038


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Trevor Collins
I LOVE South Street Seaport
Anytime we visit NYC the first place I head is to South Street. The shopping is great and plentiful, the fresh seafood is amazing and the ships are so cool! But I think my favorite things, are the smells of the salt water and the cobblestone roads, so old english and so authentic, It's a great for families or just to hang out with friends on the boardwalk. It's like visiting old New York back in the gangs of New York days.




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