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Statue of Liberty

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About Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a towering sculpture in neoclassical style located on the Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It was designed by the brilliant sculptor, Frederic Bartholdi. The fascinating sculpture symbolizes the Roman Goddess of Freedom, Libertas. The Statue of Liberty is a gift of the people of France to the USA symbolizing the great friendship of the two nations.

17 Battery Pl, New York, NY, 10004


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Statue of Liberty Reviews

Aman Redda
Good visit
I like the Statue of Liberty. It is so huge and inspiring. I learned of the history and I won't take it for granted. It is amazing to see in person and nothing like you see in pictures.
Billy Muffinman Wong
Good to visit
Definitely an attraction you want to visit if you're taking a trip to New York. The statue is so huge and impressive and can't be matched for iconic American imagery.
Jose Ortega
my first time
the very first time I saw this I was a little boy about 7 years old I believe. me and my classmates took a field trip during black history month .I couldn't believe how tall she is. I was up in the crown looking through the window and I felt amazed. I learned that day she has broken chains around her ankle that represent when we first broke free and got our liberty in 1776



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