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A theme park which is a replica of the ancient city of Jerusalem. It's just a great experience to relive the 1st century Israel life. The TBN Holy Land Experience is registered as a non profit corporation. Jan Crouch is the director and CEO of this fascinating theme park. There are also Bible services and Church services offered to everyone.

4655 Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL, 32811
Tu-Sa : 5 pm - 1 am


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Michaela Boley
I had so much fun with my family when we all visited Holy Land together. It was such a blessed and motivational experience! I really enjoyed the plays and reenactments. It was amazing how the spirit moved through out the whole place.
Michaela Boley
I went to Holy Land with my family last summer. We had such an awesome time. I especially enjoyed the plays. My favorite was the crusifixication re enactment! Even though we didn't have enough time to go through the whole park, it was still fun!
Carol Veierstahler
When I walked through the Jerusalem gate it was like stepping into the Old and New Testament. Whatever your religion, you will feel that you are truly in a blessed place. There are no rides or games. Yet young people are fascinated. It is truly a spiritual experience.


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