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Straddling the picturesque Rio Grande River, Albuquerque is a thoroughly modern yet historically charming city, bustling with technology industries like Sandia National Laboratories (which works on developing nuclear weapons systems and technology), Sandia Science and Technology Park, Eclipse Aerospace and Kirtland Air Force Base. The city hosts the famous Albuquerque International Balloon Festival, featuring hot air balloon enthusiasts from all over the world, and the Petroglyph National Monument, a national park dedicated to preserving the artifacts and petroglyph drawings of the early Pueblo people that inhabited the area prior to European settlement. The site features over 24,000 images carved into the rocky landscape.

What to Do in Albuquerque

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ABQ Trolley Co.
The ABQ Trolley Co. was the brainchild of 2 Albuquerque tourism industry professionals, Jesse Herron and Michael M. Silva Jr. It finally publicly opened...
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Albuquerque Isotopes
The Albuquerque Isotopes are a baseball team in the minor league which is based in Albuquerque. The baseball team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Los...
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Botanic Garden and Aquarium
The Botanic Garden covers an area of 52 acres located between the Albuquerque Aquarium and the Rio Grande River. The fascinating venue features a glass...
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Cliffs Amusement Park
The Cliffs Amusement Park started as a small kiddie park with go-cart track in 1959. It has existed to serve with fun and exciting thrill rides and attractions...
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Explora Science Center
The iExplora is a science center which means to explore in the imperative form of the Spanish language verb explorer. The museum covers 20,000 square feet...
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Hinkle Family Fun Center
The Hinkle Family Fun Center opened on April 1994. It is owned by Gene E. Hinkle, his wife Betty, and their sons Doug and Bryan. It is open to serve the...
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Hispanic Cultural Center
The Hispanic Cultural Center was established to conserve and promote the cultural heritage of the Spanish-speaking world. It is situated south of downtown...
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International Balloon Museum
The International Balloon Museum opened on October 1, 2005. It is a collaborative project of the City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Division and the...
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Maxwell Museum
The Maxwell Museum was founded in 1932 by Edgar Lee Hewett and was formerly known as the Museum of Anthropology of the University of New Mexico. The Maxwell...
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National Monument
The Petroglyph National Monument is a volcanic basalt escarpment where it stretches about seventeen miles along Albuquerque, New Mexico’s West Mesa. The...
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National Museum
The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History was formerly named as the National Atomic Museum. The museum is the national repository of nuclear science...
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New Mexico Museum
The New Mexico Museum showcases Timetracks with New Mexico’s billions of years natural history. It also features other permanent exhibits with New Mexico’s...
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Old Town Albuquerque
The Old Town Albuquerque was established in 1706 by Governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdez. The Old Town Albuquerque has a Pueblo Spanish Style architecture...
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Pueblo Cultural Center
The Pueblo Cultural Center is a nonprofit organization that opened on August 1976. It is owned and managed by the 19 Indian Pueblos of New Mexico which...
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Rattlesnake Museum
The American International Rattlesnake Museum is the museum for the animal preservation specifically devoted to snakes and rattlesnakes in particular....
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Rio Grande State Park
The Rio Grande State Park is one of the thirty-five parks in the state of New Mexico Park System. It is located in the cottonwood forest or in the bosque...
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Roosevelt Park
The Roosevelt Park has a trail distance of 65 miles with a grade 2 difficulty. The trail would take about 1,375 steps with trail surface of four to six...
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San Felipe de Neri Parish
The San Felipe de Neri Parish is a historic Catholic Church that was constructed in 1793. It is situated on the northern Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque, New...
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Sandia Peak Ski & Tramway
Fascinating tour with the Sandia Peak Ski & Tramway with deep canyons and captivating terrain with a total distance of 2.7 miles. A feast for the eyes...
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The Albuquerque Museum
A municipal museum whose mission is to be a leading institution for art, history and culture in the Southwest....
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The Harwood Art Center
The Harwood Art Center is the outreach program for the community of the Escuela del Sol, which is a nonprofit and independent Montessori School established...
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UNM Art Museum
The University of New Mexico Art Museum opened in 1963. Its founding director was Van Deren Coke. The art museum is also referred as the University Art...
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