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Colorado Springs

The city is located near the famous Pikes Peak mountain, in the eastern part of Southern Rocky Mountains. This place rocks with all kinds of outdoor adventures. It is filled with great culture and educationally activities for you and your kids.

What to Do in Colorado Springs

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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
A famous zoo because it’s located on a mountainside. The total land area of the zoo is 140 acres, but only 40 acres are in use as of this time. It has...
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City Rock
"CityROCK has climbing for all ages and abilities. Our 19,000 square feet of climbable terrain features climbing walls for leading and top roping, cracks,...
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Fine Arts Center
It was founded in 1936, and was designed by John Gaw Meem, a New Mexico architect. It would be a great tour to see Native American and Spanish Colonial...
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Garden of the Gods
This place is a gorgeous public park that was recognized as a National Natural Landmark in 1971. And in 2011, it was recognized as a Great American Public...
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Ghost Town Museum
This museum filled with excitement and fun was built in 1954 to preserve the heritage of Colorado’s Wild West. Inside the museum, you will see a replica...
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Laser Quest
An entertainment hub for the active adventurer. Enter the game that combines tag and hide-and-seek with a futuristic twist. The gaming venue can accommodate...
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Nature and Raptor Center
A great place for the nature lovers to visit. Located on the banks of the Arkansas River in the outstandingly gorgeous Rock Canyon. A marvelous ambiance...
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Peterson Air & Space Museum Foundation
A non-profit organization that is geared towards educating the public about the heritage and history of Colorado Springs and fostering the missions of...
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Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours
One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic view of Pikes Peak is by biking. The Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Tours have the best and reliable equipment that...
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Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame
It is dedicated to the continuous promotion of the Rodeo sports and the preservation of its important artifacts. It was formally opened in August of 1979....
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Royal Gorge Bridge
The world's highest suspension bridge which spans the Arkansas River at a height of 1053 feet....
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Seven Falls Colorado Springs
A wonderful sight of cascading waterfalls in seven magnificent series. Hiking lovers would want to climb up the 224 step staircase to reach the peak of...
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Stargazers Theatre & Event Center
A music hall like no other. It was built in 1969, and designed by the great architect named Vincent G. Rainey. It is a multi-purpose hall with a wide...
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The Black Sheep
A great concert venue in Colorado. This place rocks, which is largely managed and owned by Soda Jerk. The Black Sheep has an audience capacity of 450 persons....
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The Money Museum
The Money Museum was founded by Dr. George F. Health in 1891. A great place to study the history of money. The museum has over 250,000 objects about the...
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Western Museum of Mining & Industry
The Western Museum of Mining and Industry was built in 1970 devoted to the industrial technology and mining history of the Western USA. You can explore...
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