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Dallas, Texas was founded in 1841 and became formally a city in 1856. It is noted for its history in oil. The place is a haven of great artworks from well-known artists all over the world and upcoming and contemporary artists. There are scenic spots that you can visit to appreciate the beauty of nature and a number of celebrations held year round.

What to Do in Dallas

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Adventure Landing
A great family getaway. Take on all the rides that you want. Adventure Landing is one of the great attractions in Dallas. It's a theme park that will...
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Amon Carter Museum
The Amon Carter Museum was founded by Amon G. Carter for the display and exhibit of his collection of sculpture and paintings done by Charles M. Russell...
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Billy Bobs Texas
The Billy Bob’s Texas is a western and country night club which is located in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Texas. It covers an area of 127,000 square feet,...
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Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
One of the scenic places that you shouldn’t miss in Dallas. It has a 66-acre of beautiful garden that will surely fascinate you. It is also a home for...
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Dallas City Hall
Population: 1,279,910U.S. Rank: 8th largest U.S. city**If you are looking for the official source of information for the City of Dallas - please visit...
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Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park
You should visit this place If you want an educational tour and know more about the life of North Texas’ settlers 100 years ago,. It will tell you many...
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Dallas Museum of Art
One of the leading art museums today in the country. It prides itself with more than 24,000 art pieces that have been collected since the 3rd millennium...
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Dallas Public Library
You should go to this place if you are looking for the municipal library of Dallas. It is the best place to study and investigate family history because...
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Dallas Segway Tours
The fun way to tour in the Dallas is the Segway. Don’t miss this attraction. You ride in style while you glide all the way in North Texas. This activity...
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Eagle Golf
Eagle Golf Management Company...
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Forest Park Miniature Railroad
As part of the Forest Park Rides, the Forest Park Miniature Railroad was constructed in 1958 to 1959. The ride will take you to a 35 or 40 minute ride...
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Fort Worth Botanic Garden
The Fort Worth Botanic Garden was founded in 1934 and considered to be the longest running botanical garden in Texas. It has 21 specialty gardens that...
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Fort Worth Cats
The Fort Worth Cats are a team of professional baseball based in Fort Worth, Texas. The baseball team is a member of the South Division of United League...
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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History opened in 1945 and was formerly known as the Fort Worth Children’s Museum. It was in 1954 when it transferred...
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Fort Worth Stockyards
The Fort Worth Stockyards commemorates the great tradition of the cattle industry in Fort worth. Its location is north of central business district Fort...
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Fort Worth Water Gardens
The Fort Worth Water Gardens was constructed in 1974. It is situated between Commerce and Houston Streets sitting next to Fort Worth Convention Center....
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Fort Worth Zoo
The Fort Worth Zoo was established in 1909 with only a few rabbits, a peacock, a coyote, an alligator, 2 bear cubs and one lion. At present, the zoo boasts...
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JCC Dallas
Jewish Community Center of Dallas that offers various programs catered for any age. This is a great place to discover the Jewish kind of life. Everyone...
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McKinney Avenue Contemporary (The MAC)
If you want to see established and upcoming artist’s works of art, you should visit the Mckinney Avenue Contemporary. You will see all kinds of mediums...
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Meadows Museum
One of the biggest Spanish art museum that you can find outside the country of Spain. It boasts with the masterpieces of well-acclaimed painters,such as,...
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National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame was founded in 1975 to honor the American West women who exemplified pioneering fortitude and extraordinary...
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River Legacy Parks
The River Legacy Parks is made up of 1,300 acres of urban oasis that follows the curves of the Trinity River in North Arlington. The park provides a biodiversity...
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Sid Richardson Museum
The most prestigious museum in Fort Worth. It showcases the works of Charles Russell and Frederic Remington. These are the great collection and the legacy...
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Stockyards Museum
The Stockyards Museum was opened in 1989 by the North Fort Worth Historical Society using a small space in sharing the historic archives to the public....
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Stockyards Station
The Stockyards Station is situated in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards. It strongly represents Texas with its fascinating combination of the new...
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Sundance Square
The Sundance Square is an area situated in downtown Fort Worth. The origin of its name came from the Sundance kid in the western folklore. It is a popular...
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Texas Civil War Museum
The Texas Civil War Museum is a nonprofit organization that opened on January 2006. It is considered to be the biggest Civil War museum in the west Mississippi...
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Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame
The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is a museum that commemorates those who have shown excellence in the support and business of the western lifestyle and rodeo...
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Texas Discovery Gardens
An exotic place filled with the wondrous beauty of nature. The Texas Discovery Gardens lie in an area of 7.5 acres. You will find a fascinating butterfly...
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Thanks-Giving Square - Park, Chapel and Museum
A place of prayer and meditation. You should visit this place if you are seeking for a place of meditative serenity. The great architectural design of...
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The Grotto
The Grotto is a live music entertainment venue which is one of the fascinating spots in Forth Worth. This is the place for people who love great live...
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The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is popularly known as The Modern. Its current building opened publicly on December 14, 2002 and was designed by the...
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Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden
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