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Located in northern Arizona, Flagstaff owes its name to a pretty simple beginning: a scouting party from Boston erected a massive flagpole in the middle of the territory to celebrate the first centennial of the United States. Since then, the city has grown to include a world-class astronomical observatory, a winter ski resort, Native American culture festivals and a piece of the historic Route 66. Flagstaff is home to Barringer Crater, a meteorite impact crater almost a mile in diameter and around 50,000 years old. Fragments of the 54-yard-across meteorite are on display, and visitors can walk around the rim of the crater. In addition to its ties to the space industry, Flagstaff also offers an active live theater scene with performances by several theater companies throughout the year.

What to Do in Flagstaff

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A Day in the West
A Day in the West brings you Sedona Jeep Tours, Sedona Horseback Tours, Specialty Tours, Specialty Tours with Pardners. They also provide a helicopter...
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Arizona Helicopter Adventures
The Arizona Helicopter Adventures have been in operation for over 25 years now, since 1985. They offer primarily the sightseeing tours to the gorgeous...
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Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours
The Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours is situated at the center the Uptown Sedona where you can enjoy dining in fascinating restaurants and shop on various stores....
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Mountain Trails Gallery
Artists in residence each day. Dont miss this chance to meet two generations of western fine sculptors who create bronze Native American and cowboy...
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Northern Light Balloon Expeditions
The Northern Light Balloon Expeditions is considered to be the biggest and longest running balloon company in the state of Arizona that started operations...
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Sedona Arts Center
The Sedona Arts Center was founded by the Egyptian sculptor, Nassan Gobran and other local visionaries in 1958 and was formerly known as the “Canyon Kiva”....
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Sedona Heritage Museum
The Sedona Heritage Museum tells stories of Sedona’s history and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The gift shop has locally made arts and...
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