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Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri, also known as "KC", was founded in 1838. It is famous as the home of many great jazz and blues venues and for it's world famous Kansas City-style barbecue. One of the noted tourist spots in the city is the Country Club Plaza, which is considered the first shopping complex in the America with many dining and entertainment options.

What to Do in Kansas City

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Airline History Museum
The Airline History Museum started with the initiative of two aviation fanatics, Larry A. Brown and Dick McMahon. The museum was established in 1986 and...
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Arabia Steamboat Museum
On September 1856 a steamboat named Arabia bump into an unforeseen obstacle in the Missouri River and sank. Its remnants were rediscovered by a team of...
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Hallmark Visitors Center
Visit the Hallmark Visitors Center and discover the inspiring story of one of the most creative and innovative tradition of Hallmark Cards. Hallmark has...
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Improv Comedy Clubs
The Improv is a comedy club and a dinner theater that has been operating for more than forty years now. It has been the launching pad of many TV and film...
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John Wornall House
The John Wornall House will let you travel to the past century. It was built in 1858 with a Greek Revival architecture. The John Wornall House is fully...
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Kansas Chiefs
The Kansas Chiefs are the American football team representing Kansas City founded in 1960 by Lamar Hunt. They were originally named the Dallas Texans and...
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Kansas City Museum
It was built as a mansion residence for Robert A. Long in 1908. That’s why it’s also known as the R.A. Long House. It was donated to the Kansas City Museum...
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Kansas City Royals
The Kansas City Royals are a baseball team representing Kansas City. They are a member of the Major League Baseball of the Central Division of the American...
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Kansas City Zoo
The Kansas City Zoo was established in 1909. It has a vast area of 202 acres with a total collection of over 1,300 animals. The Zoo is located in Swope...
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Kauffman Center
The Kauffman Center is a newly opened center for the performing arts located in the downtown Kansas City. It was built as part of the ongoing improvisation...
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Kemper Museum
The Kemper Museum building was built from 1992 to 1994 with a total cost of $ 6.6 Million. It’s a building made of glass, steel and concrete architecturally...
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Loose Mansion
The Loose Mansion was constructed between 1907 and 1909 by Jacob and Ella Loose. Now, it has turned into a lavish venue for wedding receptions and other...
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Loose Park
The Loose Park is one of the biggest parks in Kansas City. The land where the loose park lies was once a pasture owned by Seth Ward. It became a city...
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National WWI Museum
The National World War I Museum delivers a wondrous experience to every guest. The magnificent museum delivers the most numerous artifacts assembled in...
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Negro Baseball Museum
The Negro Baseball Museum was established in 1990 and its 10,000 square foot facility was opened in 1997. It is funded privately and operates as a nonprofit...
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The groundbreaking of Nelson-Atkins museum was July 1930 and it formally opened on December 1933. The Beaux-Arts architecture style of the museum building...
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Pilgrim Chapel
The Pilgrim Chapel began as the Pilgrim Lutheran Church for the Deaf. Its building was built in 1941 and often called the “Church of Silence.” The Pilgrim...
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The Edge of Hell
The Edge of Hell is the oldest haunted house in Kansas City. It has been a frightening entertainment of over forty years now. The Edge of Hell is a haunted...
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The Midland
The Midland is the leading indoor theater in Kansas city for live performance shows. The initial opening of the theater was the year 1927. Its location...
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The Money Museum
The Money Museum provides information about the functions of USA’s financial systems and the Federal Reserve System. Enjoy your tour with the museum’s...
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Union Station
The Union Station was constructed in 1914 and measures 850,000 square feet in land area with 900 original rooms. An initiative has been passed in 1996...
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University of Kansas
The official home page of the University of Kansas....
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Worlds of Fun
The Worlds of Fun is an amusement park in Kansas City with a land area of 235 acres. The amusement park opened in May 1973 with a total cost of $ 10 million....
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