Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has grown from an early fur-trading post to a diverse city with German, Italian and Polish influences. The city is known for its beer-brewing traditions, thanks to the large amount of German immigrants, and its home to one of the largest Polish populations in the United States, which occupies much of the city’s south end. Milwaukee hosts the country’s largest Italian festival – Festa Italia – every summer and is home to the Croatian Eagles, a successful soccer club. Water activities abound on Lake Michigan, the city is home to several modern and traditional arts and history museums, and many ethnic neighborhoods to explore. Milwaukee also has a large display of public art, with more than 75 statues depicting historical people and events. Nicknamed the City of Festivals, something is going on in Milwaukee nearly every month of the year.

What to Do in Milwaukee

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Betty Brinn Children's Museum
The Betty Brinnn Children’s Museum is devoted in rendering educational programs and interactive exhibits for the promotion of the healthy development of...
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Discovery World
The Discovery World is dedicated to technology and innovation and also focuses on Great Lakes conservation and education. The museum is now located on...
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Haggerty Museum of Art
The Haggerty Museum of Art opened in 1984 where its construction was made possible by the donation of the co-founder and alumnus of Texas Instruments,...
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Milwaukee Admirals
The Milwaukee Admirals is a team of professional ice hockey that plays in the American Hockey League. It first made its appearance in the ice hockey world...
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Milwaukee Art Museum
The Milwaukee Art Museum is dedicated to the collection and preservation of art and presenting it to the community for educational purposes and serve as...
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Milwaukee County War Memorial Center
The Milwaukee County War Memorial Center began construction in 1955 and was dedicated in 1957. The memorial building in Lake Michigan which was architecturally...
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Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens
The Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens first opened in 1892 displaying small birds and mammals and was formerly known as the West Park Zoo. It finally...
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North Point Lighthouse
The North Point Lighthouse is situated in the Lake Park on the East Side of Milwaukee. It was listed to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984...
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Sprecher Brewery
The Sprecher Brewery was established I 1985 by Randal Sprecher. It produces a variety of sodas and beers. Although it also produces beer, it is popularly...
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The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion, Inc.
The Pabst Mansion served as the home of Captain Frederick Pabst from 1892 to 1908. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee acquired it and later sold it to the Wisconsin...
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The Safe House
The Safe House is an espionage-themed restaurant which opened in 1966. It is a popular venue that has been featured in the Major League film. The History...
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Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum
The Villa Terrace served as home to the Lloyd R. Smith family which was designed architecturally by David Adler with Villa Cicogna Mozzoni inspiration....
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