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Founded as a frontier city and gateway to the west in 1854, Omaha grew as a national transportation hub due to its central location and position on the Missouri River. The city is home to diverse ethnic enclaves, including many Eastern Europeans, Russians, Germans and Africans, and is home to the largest Sudanese population in the United States. Omaha has a variety of national landmarks, including churches, historic homes, livestock exchanges and even a castle. European influences, especially German, can be seen in the city’s numerous breweries, and Little Italy is a thriving downtown district. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo is ranked as one of the best in the world, and its Durham Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution and frequently hosts traveling exhibits.

What to Do in Omaha

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Amazing Pizza Machine
The Amazing Pizza Machine is an entertainment venue for the whole family that covers a total area of 64,000 square feet. Its arcade venue includes the...
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Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts
The Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts was founded in 1981 by Ree Schonlau, Jun Kaneko, Lorne Falk and Tony Hepburn as a working program named as the Alternative...
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Family Fun Center XL
The Family Fun Center XL features arcade, Lazertag, Glow golf, Bazooka Ball and Lazer Maze. The Family Fun Center XL has been recognized as the best place...
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Fontenelle Forest
The Fontenelle Forest was established in 1913 as the Fontenelle Forest Forest Association. It covers a total area of 1,400 acres and situated adjacent...
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The Fun-Plex started in the late 1970s which was originally known as The Kart Branch. Its initial operation began with go-kart which was followed by pinball...
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Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens
The Gerald R. Ford Birthsite and Gardens served as the home of the 38th president of the USA for a couple of weeks preceding his birthday on July 1913....
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Heartland of America Park & Fountain
The Heartland of America Park & Fountain opened in 1990. The public park covers a total area of 31 acres and situated in downtown Omaha near the Old Market...
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Joslyn Art Museum
The Joslyn Art Museum was built by Kiewit in 1928 and officially opened on November 29, 1931. The museum is the premier institution of visual arts in Nebraska...
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Lauritzen Gardens
The Lauritzen Gardens started in1982 after two years of planning and was finally built in the rose garden in 1995. The arboretum and botanical garden are...
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Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters
The Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters is a historic site that portrays the ninety-thousand pioneer migration going to the Rocky Mountains....
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Omaha Childrens Museum
The Omaha Children’s Museum showcases temporary interactive exhibits, special events and workshops. The permanent exhibits that it features include the...
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Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium
The Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquiarium was established in 1894 and was originally known as the Riverview Park Zoo. It is a member of the World Association...
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The Durham Museum
The Durham Museum first opened in 1975 and was originally named as the Western Heritage Museum. It was first renamed as the Durham Western Heritage museum...
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