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Discovered by Spanish explorers around the turn of the 19th century (and named after the Catholic Holy Sacrament), the capital city of California played an important role in American history as the Western end of the Pony Express and the first transcontinental railroad. The city has a well-preserved Old Town district, and is home to the oldest public art museum west of the Mississippi River, the Crocker Art Museum. Visitors can take a ride on an authentic restored steam locomotive at the California State Railroad Museum. Avid filmgoers can take in a variety of film festivals held each year, from the Sacramento French Film Festival and Horror Film Festival to the Trash Film Orgy, a festival celebrating the most absurd and campy films from a variety of genres.

What to Do in Sacramento

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McKinley Park
The McKinley Park was formed and established in 1928 which covers a 1.5 acre garden. It boasts with 1,000 blooming annuals, tree roses and rose bushes....
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California Automobile Museum
The California Automobile Museum was established in 1983 as the California Vehicle Foundation. It covers a total area of 72,000 square feet that displays...
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California State Capitol Museum
The California State Capitol Museum has been operating continuously and served as the home of the California Legislature since 1869. In the late 1970s,...
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California State Railroad Museum
The origins of the California State Railroad Museum can be traced back in 1937 when the San Francisco Bay Area formed the Pacific Coast Chapter of the...
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Capitol Casino
The Capitol Casino is the premier poker venue situated in the center of Downtown Sacramento. It provides the best table games with the hottest action....
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Cesar Chavez Park – Plaza
The site of the Cesar Chavez Park was known in 1856 as the City Plaza. It covers a total area of 2.2 acres and was named after Cesar Chavez, who fought...
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Crocker Art Museum
The Crocker Art Museum is the longest running art museum in the west and was formerly known as the E. B. Crocker Art Gallery. It is the premier art institution...
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Discovery Park
The Discovery Park is situated outside downtown Sacramento and covers a total area of 302 acres. It is the trailhead for the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail...
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Fairytale Town
The Fairytale Town has been an amazing place for children and family to explore, learn and play for more than fifty years now. It features 25 Playsets...
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Funderland Park
The Funderland Park started in the 1940s as a Land Park Kidde Land. The fun and amusement it delivers is designed for toddlers ages 2 years old up to 12...
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Governor's Mansion State Historic Park
The Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park was constructed for Albert Gallatin in 1877. It is a 30 room mansion with Second Empire-Italianate Victorian...
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Miller Park
The Miller Park covers a developed area of 56.99 acres with the fascinating beauty of the Sacramento River. It is situated at the West End of Broadway....
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Old Sacramento
The Old Sacramento is formally known as the Old Sacramento State Historic Park. It has been developed and restored since the 1960s as a significant tourist...
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Raging Waters Sacramento
The Raging Waters Sacramento opened in 1980 as the WaterWorld USA. The park is operated by Raging Waters and owned by Cal Expo. The park was also formerly...
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Sacramento Downtown Plaza
The Downtown Plaza was constructed by The Hahn Company in 1971 and was formerly known as the Westfield Downtown Plaza. It is situated in downtown Sacramento...
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Sacramento History Museum
The Sacramento History Museum opened in 1985 and was formerly known as the Sacramento History Center. It is the only museum dedicated to the history of...
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Sacramento Kings
The Sacramento Kings are a team of professional basketball in the National Basketball Association of the Western Conference of the Pacific Division. Its...
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Sacramento River Cats
The Sacramento River Cats are a baseball team in the minor league based in Sacramento, California. It is the Triple-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics...
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Sacramento Zoo
The Sacramento Zoo opened on June 2, 1927 that covered only a total area of only 4.2 acres with only 40 animals and was formerly known as the William Land...
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Scandia Family Fun Center
The Scandia Fun Center is one of the chains of the Scandia Amusements which are a family amusement center that are Scandinavian themed. It features the...
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Sutter's Fort
The Sutter’s Fort was started by John Sutter in 1839 and was formerly called as the New Helvetia.The only original surviving structure of the fort is the...
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The California Museum
The California Museum opened as a unique public/private partnership on June 1998 and was formerly known as the Golden State Museum. The museum covers an...
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The California State Military Museum
The California State Military Museum was built during California Governor Pete Wilson’s administration in 1991. It is California’s official military museum...
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The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center
The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center has been a fascinating venue for the kids and the whole family since 60 years ago. It has an interactive exhibit...
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William Land Park
The William Land Park is a major city park in Sacramento which is often called as “Land Park”. It was named after the pioneer who constructed the Western...
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