Salt Lake City

Occupying the arid land of north central Utah, Salt Lake City was founded in 1847 by Brigham Young and several other Mormon elders as a place to freely live and worship. Early inhabitants extensively cultivated the valley, resulting in a neatly-organized and green city with the majestic Salt Lake Temple rising above it. Salt Lake City, which is home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, is also a destination for skiers and snowboarders, with a variety of ski resorts in the surrounding areas. Salt Lake City is also home to a number of venues for professional and amateur theater, and the city also hosts portions of the famous Sundance Film Festival. Salt Lake City is also home to a large Greek population, and celebrates this heritage with the Greek Festival each year.

What to Do in Salt Lake City

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Ballet West
The Ballet West is an American ballet company that was established in 1963 as the Utah Civic Ballet by Glenn Walker Wallace, who became its first president,...
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Castle of Chaos Haunted Houses
The Castle of Chaos Haunted Houses delivers interactive entertainment designed for the whole family. The live actors are full of frightening energy with...
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Clark Planetarium
The Clark Planetarium opened in April 2003 which was the great replacement for the historic Hansen Planetarium which received grant from the Clark Foundation...
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Discovery Gateway
The Discovery Gateway was established in 1978 and publicly opened in 1983. It was formerly known as The Children’s Museum of Utah. It covers a total area...
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Kimball Art Center
The Kimball Art Center is a nonprofit institution for the arts. The art center is dedicated to engaging individuals of different ages in inspiring experiences...
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Lagoon Amusement Park
The Lagoon Amusement Park opened in 1886 situated right next to the Great Salt Lake. It is a family-owned amusement park which is one of a few that exists...
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Memory Grove Park
The area where the Memory Grove Park sits was set aside as a city park in 1902. It was in 1924 that it was dedicated, and since then, many individuals...
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Morningstar Balloons
The Morning Star Balloons bring you a tour flight you will never forget while floating high above Utah’s pristine-mountainscape. The fascinating balloon...
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Park City Museum
You have the opportunity to explore the Park City’s Historic Main Street. The historic Main Street Walking Tours run from June until August. The Park...
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Pioneer Memorial Museum
The Pioneer Memorial Museum is known to have the biggest collection in the world of Artifacts on one particular subject. The museum showcases collections...
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Rocky Mtn Raceways
The Rocky Mountain Raceways played a key role in the significant history of racing in Utah where it started in the Bonneville Salt Flats. The raceway...
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Salt Lake City Public Library
Library guide to catalog, online renewals/reserves, virtual reference desk, reader's advisory, and literacy resources....
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Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter
The Swaner Preserve and EcoCenter provides docent-led tour or self-guided tour of one of the greenest buildings in Utah. Its building includes an observation...
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Temple Square
The Temple Square covers 10 acres situated at the heart of the Salt lake City, Utah. The Temple Square is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...
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Thanksgiving Point Gardens
The Thanksgiving Point Gardens opened its doors in 1997. It was architecturally designed by the Salt Lake City Landscape architect Leonard Grassli. It...
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The Beehive House
The Beehive House is one of the official residences of Bringham Young aside from the Lion House. It was built in 1854 two years before the Lion House was...
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The Leonardo
The Leonardo is a technology, art and science museum which opened on October 8, 2011. It stands on the former site of the main branch of the Salt Lake...
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Tracy Aviary
The Tracy Aviary is the longest running aviary in the USA that showcases educational programs, extensive collection and exhibits of over 130 varieties...
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Utah Museum of Contemporary Art
The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art was established in 1931 under the leadership of Alta Rawins Jensen. Its great mission is to encourage the art itself...
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Utah Olympic Oval
The Utah Olympic Oval is an indoor speed skating oval that was constructed for the Winter Olympics in 2002. Its location is about fourteen miles southwest...
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Wheeler Historic Farm
The Wheller Historic Farm is a complex that includes an adobe and brick home and several outbuildings which was built in 1898. It is considered to be one...
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