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Santa Barbara

Known as the “American Riviera,” Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean-type climate and one of the most picturesque coastlines in California, with the Santa Ynez Mountains rising up behind the city. Evidence for human settlement of the idyllic location has been dated back as far as 13,000 years, with Spanish missionaries permanently settling in around 1782. Santa Barbara still bears a distinctly Spanish and Mexican flavor, and American author Richard Dana, Jr., wrote about the area’s diverse people in the famous “Two Years Before the Mast.” The city is popular with classical music enthusiasts for its numerous professional and amateur orchestras and performance venues. Historians will enjoy a visit to the original Presidio, installed by the Spanish missionaries in 1782, and the Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show, running for more than 40 years, attracts thousands of people each week.

What to Do in Santa Barbara

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Casa del Herrero
The Casa del Herrero was built as residence for George Fox Steedman and his wife which was completed in 1925. It is also known as the Steedman Estate or...
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Chase Palm Park Center
The Chase Palm Park Center is considered to be a “hidden jewel”. It is situated on the ocean side of Cabrillo Boulevard opposite the carousel in Chase...
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Condor Express
The Condor Express has been in operations for more than thirty years now and since then has been a part of the Santa Barbara waterfront. On March 1973,...
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Ganna Walska Lotusland
The Gana Walska Lotusland is devoted to enhancing and preserving the great collections of exotic plants and the historic Montecito estate of Madame Ganna...
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Old Mission Santa Barbara
The Old Mission Santa Barbara was the tenth of the 21 California missions established by the Spanish Franciscans on the Feast of Santa Barbara, December...
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Reagan Ranch Center
The Reagan Ranch Center is situated in downtown Santa Barbara, California. The galleries of the Reagan Ranch Center feature original Reagan Ranch artifacts...
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Santa Barbara Historical Museum
The Santa Barbara Historical Museum was constructed by the Santa Barbara Historical Society in 1965. The museum features relics from Chinese, Yankee,...
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Santa Barbara Zoo
The Santa Barbara Zoo spans in an area of 30 acres situated near the ocean in Santa Barbara, California. It was originally named as the Child’s Estate...
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Shoreline Park
The Shoreline Park is one of the most famous parks in Santa Barbara which faces the Pacific Ocean and lies on top of a mesa. It includes a sister city...
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Stearns Wharf
The Stearns Wharf is a pier which was completed in 1872 and situated in the harbor of Santa Barbara, California. It is considered to be the longest deep-water...
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Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library
The Susan Quinlan Doll & Teddy ear Museum & Library was established in 2005 by Susan and Terence Quinlan. Terrence undertakes the marketing of the museum...
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Ty Warner Sea Center
The Ty Warner Sea Center is situated on the historic Steams Wharf of Santa Barbara. It is being managed and owned by the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural...
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