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You will find the great city of Tulsa near the Arkansas River, in the northeastern section Oklahoma. Tulsa gained much wealth with its oil industry and at one time was known as the Oil Capital of the World. The city is famous for the gorgeous architecture of its surrounding structures, which is known as art deco. It host some great museums featuring native American art.

What to Do in Tulsa

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Admiral Twin Drive-In
The Admiral Twin Drive-In is a famous drive-in theater that existed and started its operation in Tulsa since 1951. Sadly, its historic features were destructed...
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Cain's Ballroom
One of Tulsa’s treasure and marked the history as The Home of Bob Wills and Carnegie Hall of Western Swing is the Cain’s Ballroom. It started as garage...
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A broad way musical act that is close to mother nature, is what you can describe in Discoveryland! While watching the marvelous actors and actress and...
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Fair Meadows
The Tulsa Fair Meadows started in 1903 and was formerly situated in the Western Association baseball park. It was in 1915 when an additional tract of...
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Gilcrease Museum
Discover the chronicle of West American collection of artwork and artifacts here in Gilcrease Museum. Thomas Gilcrease loved for collecting arts birthed...
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Living Arts of Tulsa
This organization aspired to bring out the hidden artistic ability and talent of a person into reality through music, poem, craft and dance. They are consistently...
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Oklahoma Aquarium
The Oklahoma Aquarium operates as a public and nonprofit aquarium that is dedicated to “Conservation through Education.” It features educational programs,...
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Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame
Creating Unity Through Music. This is the motto that inspired the man and women behind the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. They aimed not just to entertain...
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Oxley Nature Center
The Oxley Nature Center features the Redbud Valley Nature Preserve which is a place of unmatched serenity and fascinating scenery where animals and plants...
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Philbrook Museum
One of the top ten places to explore in Tulsa is this Historic Art Museum. Stored here are permanent collections of art works from Giovanni Bellini,...
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River Spirit Casino
River Spirit Casino is one of the nice casinos in Tulsa that offers electrifying tourist spot and daring travel destination in Oklahoma. Built on 1984...
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Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art
The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art (SMMJA) and its collections have been a part of Tulsa for decades. It began in 1965 when a local synagogue brought...
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Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium
Generate your aerospace knowledge by exploring the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium at Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Located in 19,000 square feet facility...
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Tulsa Drillers
The Tulsa Drillers was team up on 1977 due to a situation that Lafayette, Louisiana team was transferred to Tulsa and became the replacement to the Tulsa...
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Tulsa Garden Center
Admired by most tourists is the beautiful Tulsa Garden Center. A nonprofit organization aimed to share the knowledge in horticultural and environmental...
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Tulsa Raceway Park
Want to see a thrilling, nerve racking, exciting ride? Then Tulsa Raceway Park is the place to be. One of the premier drag racing institutions in the...
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Tulsa River Parks
A variety of events happened throughout the park in every season here at River Parks’. Memorable and entertaining events like concerts, festivals, fireworks...
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Tulsa Zoo
Named as “America’s Favorite Zoo" in 2005 by the Microsoft Game studios and arranged a contest for the endorsement of Zoo Tycoon 2 computer game. The area...
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Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area
Turkey Mountain covers an area of three hundred acres and situated seven miles south of downtown Tulsa. The elevation of Turkey Mountain offers hikers...
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Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve
The Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife preserve boasts with a museum that has a one of a kind exhibit of Western artifacts and art and the features the most...
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